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Winter Gardens

Winter Gardens, Lemon houses and Conservatory

Having a lush garden all year round is possible: the winter garden will give light and beauty to your home, giving you your own space in which to relax. Are you thinking of expanding your home and creating this particular area? We will tell you in depth the steps to follow and the benefits you can derive from a winter garden and why not, a bioclimatic winter garden.

This is not a titanic undertaking: building a winter garden or conservatory does require professional advice, but over time it will guarantee you interesting energy savings.

By creating a winter garden you will have the opportunity to amplify the living area by opening the space: this particular glass structure will allow you to fully enjoy the feeling of well-being given by the mix of nature and sunlight; the ideal option to enjoy outdoor spaces more even in winter.

Pure aesthetic choice? Winter gardens are not just an aesthetic “whim”, but an intelligent choice to live more in contact with nature and ensure energy savings thanks to the heat and light that this structure guarantees.

Treat yourself to the beauty of a winter garden even if you live in the city; in fact, it is possible to create this extension of the house whether you have a garden or a terrace. In the second case it will be “transformed” into a winter garden thanks to the construction of the typical iron and glass structure.

Cold, warm and hot Winter Garden: types and uses

There are different types and uses for the winter garden. First of all, we need to talk about the cold winter garden: it is a structure mainly reserved for the care and conservation of plants, has a stable temperature of 10-12 ° and is therefore intended for the care of plants that usually grow in cold climates.

Even in the case of the structure that has a temperature of up to 19 ° degrees, we are talking more about a greenhouse space than a living space: the “warm” winter garden will therefore be used for the cultivation of some species of plants.

The habitable winter garden is defined as “warm”, a space in which the thermal comfort is such that it can be used both as a green area in which to dedicate oneself to the care of small plants, and as an area to live and a real extension of the home.

The architectural possibilities offered by the winter garden are numerous: from the “traditional” use reserved for the care of plants to a space that can be completely furnished and transformed, for example, into a relaxation room or hobby room. The undoubted beauty that only large windows can offer, leads architects to identify winter gardens as a solution to be adopted also in view of expansions for public places, hotels and restaurants.

Once the feasibility analysis has been carried out, you can proceed with the production of your winter garden or conservatory, respecting the legislation on the expansion of the living space

How to design a winter garden

The structure of the winter garden is made up of glass and metal elements that create a structure that can withstand the elements, guarantee heat and lighting and offer a valid and unique architectural solution for expanding the house.

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