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Villa Rufelli Gazebo- Ariccia

This imposing wrought iron gazebo (12 x 12 meters external perimeter) is located at Villa Rufelli on the Roman Hills, a structure dating back to the 17th century which, throughout its history, has hosted cultural figures, politicians and artists of the caliber of Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Some places are able to create links between artists who lived in every age and, like a real magic, in this place full of charm and mysticism, Nicola Cuppari, a contemporary artist and Bernini, one of the pillars of Italian art, meet.

Bernini resided at Villa Rufelli while he was dedicating himself to the creation of 2 major works: Palazzo Chigi and the Collegiate of the Assumption, a travertine statue depicting the artist remains as evidence of his passage.

Interni Ariccia

The gazebo created by Arteeferro (in Arte Cuppari Nicola) has become the setting for events, weddings and gala, giving all guests a romantic and exclusive atmosphere, Villa Rufelli which is located on the Roman hills hosts events with celebrities from the world of entertainment and cinema (by Cine Città).

Nicola Cuppari of Arteeferro is the artist and material performer of this work, starting from the project through the processing of fine iron
in the organization of delivery and assembly, it is no coincidence that Hollywood actor George Clooney also chose to rely on Nicola Cuppari
(contemporary artist) for the construction of the gazebo for the villa on Lake Como (Villa Oleandra), as well as Il Gazebo di Villa Amistà, a renowned hotel that exhibits works by important artists in its rooms or Hotel Palace Merano which usually hosts illustrious personalities such as for example Ronaldo,
Berlusconi, sheikhs and magnates.


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