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Supply of Metal Hoops for Structural Safety in Bologna and Ravenna

Supply of Metal Hoops and Structural Carpentry Services for Safety throughout the province of Bologna and Ravenna

We offer the service of production and supply of steel metal hoops, designed to improve seismic resistance in the building sector, covering both the province of Bologna and that of Ravenna. These metal hoops, available in various types, such as simple or arched, are essential for increasing the stability and safety of the walls and floors of buildings, making them more resistant to seismic events.
In addition, we provide structural carpentry services, including the creation of complementary structures such as canopies and awnings, following safety regulations.

Structural Reinforcement with Metal Frame

Structural reinforcement involves the insertion of a high-quality metal frame, which restores the compromised rigidity and stability during the construction intervention, significantly contributing to the safety of the building.

Compliance with Regulations and Implementation

The installation of metal hoops takes place on construction sites, in full compliance with safety regulations. We provide the highest quality hoops, effectively integrated into your seismic reinforcement projects.

Customized Solutions for Structural Safety

We offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring maximum safety and structural resistance.

Structural Carpentry Services

We expand our scope of intervention with structural carpentry services, creating load-bearing structures, canopies, awnings, sheds, and other special structures for the construction industry. These services, performed with advanced technologies such as 3D modeling, ensure innovative and reliable solutions for every type of project.

Protect Your Structures with Metal Hoops

Metal hoops are essential for preserving the stability and safety of structures in seismic areas.

Tailored Solutions for the province of Bologna and Ravenna

We are ready to assist you with all your needs, both for metal hoops and structural carpentry. Contact us for a quote or for more details on our production and supply solutions. The goal is to ensure the safety of your constructions.

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