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Lavorazioni artistiche in ferro / Artistic Ironworks

Custom-made metal sculptures for elite interior decor, garden furnishings, and cemetery sculptures – Handcrafted works of art.


We design and create custom metal sculptures, three-dimensional paintings with light and shadow effects, wrought iron chandeliers. Artworks ideal for elite interior and exterior decor, gardens, cemeteries, the Vatican, and Curia.

All artworks are handcrafted by the artist Nicola Cuppari, each piece being unique and designed to enrich the environment in which it will be placed.

Metal Sculptures: Custom Artworks for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Art merges with the skill of artist Nicola Cuppari to create custom artworks, suitable to enrich both indoor and outdoor environments. Each sculpture is the result of an artistic flair and originality that distinguishes Cuppari's work, guaranteeing the creation of nique and irresistibly charming pieces.

Custom Sculptures for Elite and Exclusive Decor

Nicola Cuppari’s metal sculptures are the perfect choice for those seeking elite and exclusive decor that stands out for its beauty and originality. Each piece is carefully and passionately conceived, aiming to add an exclusive touch to the environment where it will be placed. Every detail is designed to create works capable of leaving an indelible mark in the minds of those who admire them.

A Union of Style and Elegance

Cuppari’s metal artworks can transform any environment, interior or exterior, into a work of art. Their presence adds style and elegance, giving a new aesthetic dimension to the surrounding spaces. Whether it's a private residence, a commercial space or an outdoor location, hese sculptures add a touch of sophistication and personality.

Garden Decor Sculptures: Outdoor Beauty

Our metal sculptures are also ideal for garden decor. Every creation by Cuppari transforms outdoor spaces into an open-air work of art, capturing attention and creating a unique atmosphere. The fusion of the beauty of sculptures and the surrounding nature creates a perfect balance between man and environment.

Three-Dimensional Metal Paintings: Artistic Expression with Plays of Light and Shadow.

In addition to their extraordinary aesthetic, Nicola Cuppari’s three-dimensional metal paintings are distinguished by the skillful use of light and shadow plays. This technique adds unique depth and drama to the creations. Light interacts with the three-dimensional forms, creating suggestive and exciting atmospheres that change with the angle and intensity of light.

Cemetery, Vatican, and Curia Sculptures: Tributes of Eternal Beauty

Cuppari’s works are an extraordinary choice for enhancing cemeteries, the Vatican and Curia with artworks of great significance and beauty. Each sculpture is crafted with great respect and sensitivity, offering a tribute of eternal beauty to those who have come before us. These works add a touch of solemn elegance to eternal resting places.

Light and Art in Perfect Harmony

In addition to sculptures, we create wrought iron chandeliers, true works of art that combine light and elegance in a single creation. Each chandelier is a unique and exclusive production, strictly handmade, transforming spaces into areas of refined beauty. Lighting thus becomes an integral part of the artwork, creating suggestive and welcoming atmospheres.

Life-Size Sculptures: Impressive Artworks

Arte e Ferro also creates life-size metal sculptures, making a commanding presence wherever they are placed. These extraordinary-sized artworks testify to Nicola Cuppari’s talent e craftsmanship in the art of sculpture. Grandeur and beauty merge in these creations, capturing attention and leaving an indelible impression.

From the Artist to the Collector: Unique and Exclusive Authorial Works

Nicola Cuppari has exhibited at the prestigious Modigliani Gallery, demonstrating the value and quality of his works. Each sculpture, chandelier, or creation is a unique and exclusive production, ideal for collectors and those seeking an extraordinary artwork to enrich their environment. Choose the timeless beauty of Nicola Cuppari’s metal sculptures to enrich your life and environments with extraordinary artworks that speak of originality, mastery, and passion.

Discover the art and craftsmanship of our unique and exclusive works in iron and steel, custom-made to enhance your space.

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