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Lavorazioni artistiche in ferro / Artistic Ironworks

Creation of Custom-Made Artistic Iron Canopies for Hotels, Restaurants, Spas, Hot Springs, and Resorts, with cast iron columns and made to measure.

Creation of unique and exclusive iron canopies, with special cast iron columns, made to measure.

Customized solutions for quality, elegant, unique, and prestigious coverings. Ideal for luxury hotels, 5-star resorts.

Our 30 years of experience and quality have also attracted the attention of celebrities like George Clooney, who chose a Cuppari gazebo for his villa on Lake Como, Byblos Art Hotel for Villa Amistà and Villa Ruffelli, home of the famous artist Bernini.

An Impactful Entrance for Prestigious Structures

The entrance of a hotel, spa, or any other hospitality facility is the first impression for your clients. Cuppari canopies give significance to these spaces, ensuring an extraordinary visual impact right from the first moment. Even if the interior of your facility is impeccable, a neglected entrance can negatively affect the overall opinion and cause you to lose potential clients. A welcoming entrance is essential to invite people inside.

The Art of Enhancing

Arte e Ferro by Nicola Cuppari is your partner to enhance your hospitality structure or home. Whether it's a hotel or a private entrance, Arte e Ferro offers both technical and artistic consultancy to create a unique and unparalleled work. If you already have a design in mind, we are ready to collaborate with your trusted designer or architect. Our canopies represent the perfect blend of beauty and practicality. They will enhance your building or outdoor space, adding charm and value to the context.

Italian Quality That Lasts

Unlike low-quality metal structures on the market, Arte e Ferro canopies are not only beautiful and artistic but also guarantee durability over time. This is thanks to the high-quality materials used and the Italian craftsmanship of artist Nicola Cuppari. Choosing a Cuppari canopy means investing in quality, beauty, protection, and enhancement of your outdoor spaces.

Why Choose Nicola Cuppari for Canopies and Awnings?

Nicola Cuppari boasts vast experience in creating works in wrought iron and copper. Among his notable works are the Art Nouveau-style gazebo made for George Clooney at Villa Oleandra on Lake Como, the gazebo at Byblos Art Hotel - Villa Amistà perfect for receptions and events, and the entrance canopy for Hotel Palace Merano.

Not Just Canopies and Awnings

Arte e Ferro by Nicola Cuppari is not limited to creating canopies and entrance awnings, but also deals with the processing, transformation, and realization of other high-quality iron and copper artifacts. The same expertise in metalworking can be applied to any architectural, design, or commissioned artistic work.

Norms and Regulations

The creation of canopies and awnings may be subject to local and regional regulations. It is important to comply with these regulations to ensure the legal conformity of your project. We are committed to ensuring that our works comply with all applicable norms and regulations to guarantee your safety and the compliance of your outdoor space.

Quotes for Canopies and Entrance Awnings

To get a customized quote for the creation of bespoke canopies or awnings by Arte e Ferro by Nicola Cuppari, we invite you to contact us. Each project is unique and artistic, and the cost can vary based on the specific dimensions, materials, and design desired. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a detailed and personalized quote.

Discover the elegance of custom-made iron canopies, available throughout Italy.
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