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Creation of Custom-Made and Artistic Dehors and Verandas: Exclusivity, Uniqueness, and Originality

Custom-Made Artistic Dehors Production

We create high-quality custom-made dehors, combining the art of iron with elegance. Each dehor is a unique and personalized work of art, ideal for bars, pubs, villas, farmhouses, beach resorts, luxury hotels, agritourisms, restaurants, pizzerias, and SPAs with sea/lake/mountain views.

What is a Dehor?

A dehor is a set of movable and removable elements that constitute an outdoor dining area of a public establishment or a private outdoor area. Permanent dehors, usable all year round, are a valuable resource for venues, especially when it comes to expanding the surface area in a way that is compatible with public smoking laws.

Outdoor Elegance

Creating custom-made dehors transforms outdoor spaces into authentic oases of elegance. Each dehor is a meticulously detailed creation, combining style and functionality to offer a unique experience. Custom-made dehors epresent an unmissable opportunity for restaurants, bars and pizzerias looking to increase their business. These permanent outdoor spaces can be utilized all year round, offering a range of benefits that deserve attention

Maximize the Use of Spaces

With a custom-made dehor, you can make the most of your space, both in winter and summer. Creating a dehor allows you to transform your outdoor space into a true oasis of beauty and functionality, ideal for relaxing and socializing outdoors in an elegant and charming environment. If you have a business, you know well that optimizing space is essential to ensure the success of your venue. A custom-made dehor allows you to increase seating capacity, boosting earnings and recovering the investment thanks to the ability to host ceremonies, events and receptions.

High-Impact Visual Effect

Dehors offer a great visual impact, perfect for hosting receptions and weddings in urban or seaside locations. They are welcoming and charming spaces that attract customer attention. From wrought iron structures to elegant covers, we offer a wide range of unique designs or complete customization possibilities.

Comfort All Year Round

Thanks to the possibility of being closed with glass and openable fixtures, dehors can be heated to ensure comfort even during colder months. They can be laterally closed with hermetic curtains, glass panels or screens, protecting from sun, wind, rain, and, in some models, even from snow.

Panoramic Dehors

Thanks to large glass windows, our dehors are perfect as panoramic spaces for venues in art cities, holiday resorts, and luxury villas. Additionally, models with planters or further customization options are available.

Italian Quality

Our dehors are strictly made in Italy with high-quality materials, mainly hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel to withstand weather conditions.. Maintenance is minimal, and dehors are adaptable to any architectural context. Our decades of experience have allowed us to collaborate with satisfied customers throughout Italy. We guarantee results that meet expectations, thanks to our utmost attention to detail and the use of fine materials.

Checks, Documentation, and Feasibility

The creation of a dehor requires some preliminary checks. It's crucial to evaluate whether the available space is sufficient and complies with municipal regulations. The application for a concession to occupy public land must be submitted to the Municipality and can have a duration of five years. The required documentation includes floor plans, technical reports and other detailed information

How Much Do Dehors Cost?

The costs of dehors can vary based on chosen materials, design, and size. Since all our dehors are custom-made, they can be personalized to fit the specific needs of your venue or private outdoor area.

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