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Progetto scala in ferro

Custom iron stairs

We create made-to-measure, personalized and design iron stairs.

CUPPARI proposes the creation of impossible stairs. With the adjective “impossible” we do not refer, of course, to the famous “Penrose staircase” admirably designed by Maurits Escher, an infinite cycle of ascents and descents in which floors become ceilings and vice versa, but we mean that type of stairs capable of satisfy the most daring and unlikely needs that may arise for our customers.

Scala fatta a mano in ferro

Coming to the realization of the stairs, in addition to having acquired a great experience on all possible and imaginable types (open staircases “I”, “L”, “U”, “C”, spiral staircases, helical staircases , mini-stairs, etc.), CUPPARI has already created real artistic pieces such as the wrought iron gazebo mixed with polycarbonate for George Clooney’s “Oleandra” villa in Como or iron animals such as the magnificent life-size horse ..

Scala in ferro

CUPPARI realizes tailor-made staircases meeting the taste and needs of the customer.

Making custom-made staircases makes us particularly satisfied because it gives us the opportunity to create real unique “furnishing accessories”, based on the environment in which we operate.

CUPPARI specializes in the production of metal stairs (iron, wrought iron, steel, cast iron, etc.), but according to the requests, it is able to use different materials in the assembly of various elements of the staircase, in fact it is possible to integrate the metal structure with steps, railing, handrail and various accessories in marble, glass, wood, stone, etc. transforming the staircase, whose function is simply to connect two different levels, into an artistic artefact that fits harmoniously into the environment in which it is installed.

Scala design in ferro

According to the place where it will be placed, it is possible to choose the most suitable type: the open staircase, the easiest, but which takes up more space, the spiral staircase which, thanks to the minimum size, is suitable for recovering unused spaces , the helical staircase, easier than the spiral staircase.

Another possibility that the staircase can offer is to maximize the useful space that can be obtained in the basement, thus giving the possibility to “invent” a wardrobe or a closet, very small rooms, but very useful for storing the objects that are used. most frequently.

We are able to customize the staircase also with the introduction of high quality artistic details, with the use of marble or particularly precious woods for example, or with wrought iron decorations on the balustrade.

Scala in ferro design Cuppari

The high quality range of our productions, combined with the best design ideas born from the best architects, or perhaps from the customers and the craftsman who produces them, the important thing is that the staircase adds aesthetic value to the house, making it a jewel, and a unique and precious object. Our experience allows us to create exceptional staircases in every shape and material, for every place, giving richness and elegance to the rooms. Wood, marble, steel, corten steel, concrete, granite, polymers and other materials, will all be at the service of the artist who will create the most beautiful and durable staircase you can imagine. The splendor and magnificence, especially when in superabundance, are for a select few, but many agree that certain beauties are eternal … Seeing is believing ..

Creazione scala in ferro

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