Arte e Ferro
Lavorazioni artistiche in ferro / Artistic Ironworks
Headquartered in Emilia Romagna, I operate throughout Italy

Conservative Restoration for Artifacts and Period Works in Iron, Brass, Bronze, of Monuments and Historic Buildings

Nicola Cuppari, a craftsman blacksmith and sculptor based in Emilia Romagna, offers bespoke metal works and structures for discerning clientele. From creating enchanting gazebos to handcrafted furniture for both indoor and outdoor settings, each piece is unique and exclusive, reflecting Nicola's skill and passion.

What I Offer:

About Arte e Ferro: Nicola Cuppari, with his experience and creativity, works with a wide range of clients, including private residences, professional studios, and luxury hotels, continuing the craft tradition with passion and dedication.

Contact Us for a Custom Evaluation: Nicola Cuppari is available to assess and create custom-designed and bespoke works, ensuring a service tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to turn your artistic vision into reality.

Creations For: Residential - Housing, Office, Professional Studio, Architects, Landscape Designers, Hotels, Fair Setters, Home and Garden Furniture Retailers, Luxury Hotel Contractors, Laboratories, Shops, Bars - Bistros, Restaurants, Pizzerias, Wellness - SPA, Garden and Landscape, Supplies for Beach Facilities, Zen.

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