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Pensilina Palace Merano

Cantilever Roof

For Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts

The Cuppari cantilever roof give importance to the entrance of hotels, spas, thermal baths and any other prestigious accommodation facility.
When the customer arrives at a hotel, the first thing in front of him is the entrance, for this reason it is important that this is taken care of and impactful.
Even if your accommodation facility is treated down to the smallest detail inside, the simple fact that the entrance is not at the same level can affect the opinion of the whole facility, and even cause you to lose potential customers.

An entrance that invites you to enter

Cuppari is able to help you to enhance your accommodation, but also your home.
Whether it’s a hotel or the entrance to a Cuppari house, he will be able to advise you on both the technical and the more artistic aspects, to create a unique and unrepeatable work. Cuppari can also collaborate with your trusted designer or architect if you already have a project on paper.

Why rely on Nicola Cuppari for the construction of a Cantilever Roof?

Cuppari has a vast experience in the realization of works in wrought iron and copper, among his numerous works for clients and accommodation facilities, the following stand out: the liberty style gazebo for the Hollywood star George Clooney located at Villa Oleandra on Lake Como, the gazebo at Byblos Art Hotel – Villa Amistà which is the perfect example of a gazebo for receptions and events and finally the entrance canopy for Hotel Palace Merano.

Not just Cantilever Roof ...

Arteeferro by Nicola Cuppari does not only deal with Cantilever Roof but also with the processing, transformation and construction of other copper artifacts.
On this site you can find many examples of the works of the highest quality made by Cuppari in wrought iron, the same experience in metalworking can be applied to any architectural, design and even artistic work that will be commissioned.
On the market there are many examples of metal structures for outdoor furniture of very low quality that can last a few seasons at most, even if they may seem pleasant on the surface.

What Arteeferro offers is not only an aesthetically beautiful structure or artifact, but also the guarantee of getting hold of something unique that will last over time.

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