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Lavorazioni artistiche in ferro / Artistic Ironworks


Gazebo Villa Rufelli – Ariccia

Gazebo Villa Rufelli: The Artistic Elegance of Nicola Cuppari The refined and artistic gazebo crafted by Arteeferro, renowned as the art of Nicola Cuppari, has assumed the role of a prestigious setting for memorable events, weddings, and galas. Its presence bestows a romantic and exclusive ambiance upon all guests, making Villa Rufelli, located in the...

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Gazebo Byblos Art Hotel – Villa Amistà

Gazebo Byblos Art: Floral Elegance in Wrought Iron The Byblos Art garden gazebo, a wrought iron masterpiece, stands majestically in the prestigious “Villa Amistà,” a luxurious five-star hotel located in Corrubbio, province of Verona. Immersed in an artistic context rich with works by modern and contemporary artists, the gazebo captures attention with elegant details such...

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Gazebo Villa Oleandra – George Clooney

Jewel in the Lake: George Clooney’s Gazebo In the enchanting setting of Villa Oleandra, on the shores of Lake Como, Arte e Ferro successfully brought to life an unprecedented wrought iron gazebo commissioned by the iconic Hollywood star, George Clooney. This unique work of art captured the attention of local newspapers, creating excitement and admiration...

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